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How to build a good habit in 2022

Hi, I am a software engineer, and my job is to break down big things into small ones and then implement them. My annual experiment proved that this approach works for reaching goals too.

Below you will find an interactive article that will help you:

  1. To define your goals.
  2. To answer a question: what exactly to do.
  3. To start: A free tool on a platform of your choice.

Try to fill all checkboxes so you will have the best possible outcome.

1. Set realistic goals for 2022

First, we need to understand the difference between goals and fantasies. A goal can be broken down into a subset of things to do daily and has a deadline, a fantasy — can not.

Good example: Read 30 books in 2022 and become a bit more educated.

Why good: It's feasible, it has an exact date to measure progress and it can be broken down in a daily action: 30 books ~ 30 * 300 pages / 365 = ~24 pages a day.

Bad example: Have villa in Italy

Why bad: is too broad and probably not realistic in one year. Try to start breaking it down: villa price: ~1M$ -> 15% initial payment -> 150k$ -> save 12k$ a month.


2. Start breaking down

The next step is to find out daily doable actions. Don't worry, this is an iterative process when you go back and forth to find your unique way.

Good example: I will read a book before going to bed for 20 minutes, approximately 5 times a week. I will listen to audiobooks during my commute to the work

Bad example: I will read 10 books a day, without breaks because I have a motivational boost right now


3. Simplify things

Doing the same things every day might be challenging and sometimes boring. But we can trick ourselves by running daily tasks into habits.

In addition to good books, I found two good articles that can help you straight ahead:

  1. Notes on The Power of Habit
  2. Achieve Your Goals: Research Reveals a Simple Trick That Doubles Your Chances for Success

Good example: What: Read/Listen book for 1 hour. How often:5 days a week. When: before going to bed. Reward: finish the book, brag about it in GoodReads.

Bad example: Read books as much as I can


You can find explicit cheat sheet on an Atomic Habits website

4. Give it a try

So, now you have a realistic goal and guide of how to reach it, the rest is execution.

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I know that things might look hard to do, but remember that 'habits' work in your favor.

Just start a few simple habits and stick with them for at least 2 weeks.

I wish you that your dreams(goals) will come true!

If you have any questions you can always contact me via Instagram.