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How to use Your Habit

The concept is pretty simple and based on the The Slight Edge book. The idea is that every day, you have a simple choice:

Let's take an example to simplify even more:

You have a health goal: lose weight, and you decided to reduce the consumption of candies🍬 every day.

So now you have a daily choice:

Easy say, then do. Right? But you can do it smartly, check our habit builder tool.
For example, you can stop buying candies.


  1. Not take candy from the plate in front of you every day.
  2. Not buy it during your grocery twice a week.

So you can consciously help yourself, by admitting that we are not perfect and creating the right environment instead.

How does Level work, and how can it help track my progress?

When you create a habit, the system sets the price of DO and Not To DO. For example, you promise yourself not to eat candies every day. In reality, you consume candies on Friday and Saturday. So you earned 5 points and lost 2. The result is 3 (>0), which states that you have a positive trend. The idea is to keep that trend positive! That fine to eat candies sometimes.🍬

In the App, the graph shows you cumulative trends in all of the habits that you are doing.

If you complete the whole week as you promised, you will earn 1 level. Like in real life, the same work in the opposite direction. Your trend will depend on these small everyday decisions.

And here the consistency plays a crucial role.

In the App, you will see your cumulative one or habit-based that will help you track your and predict your progress.


In my opinion, success on any of your goals lies in the combination of theory and practice (20/80% rule).

I will continue to share more information about habit formation in 2022 and hope that App will help you with the practical part.